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Just Imagine...

Sitting down to your dinner of Vegan Chicken Lasagne, with the rest of your family actually excited to see what you made. You get to enjoy every bite, because you’re not worried about whether your kids are eating their veggies, or just the crusty cheese layer at the top - these days all their meals are so healthy, dinner just isn’t that important anymore. And you’re really looking forward to enjoying a full episode of Bridgerton tonight, because everyone's lunches are already prepped for tomorrow, and there’s only 1 pan to clean, so you’ll actually get the night off!

It’s time to switch up your vegan diet from just plain old so so to OMG why didn’t I do this years ago??? 

Dinners will no longer be your 5 old reliable meals on repeat (yeah, the ones where you try to ignore your kids groans of “not lentil bolognese AGAIN…). Instead, your whole family will actually be excited to sit at the table and see what you’ve made for tonight! Whether it’s BBQ Tofu Ribs, Lasagne, Taco Bake or the old favourite Mac and Cheese, dinner is such a great mix of fun and exciting, and nostalgic comfort food. 

You’ll move out of your breakfast rut of Smoothies and Toast, and shift into a world of Granola, Pancakes, Overnight Oats, Breakfast Wraps and more. 

You’ll actually know what to make for lunch! Your homemade salads and wraps will be so much more exciting than the single vegan option at your local lunch place. 

And your kids' school lunchboxes will actually be healthy, and exciting, AND nut free! 

The “Vegan for Health” vs “Junk Food Vegans” debate makes you feel like you have to eat a perfect vegan diet to be healthy.

But I’m here as a vegan nutritionist to tell you there’s a middle way! 

Yes, you can have your cake and nutrition too! (Literally!!!). 

The recipes inside the Recipe Collection have been specifically developed to meet the nutritional needs of growing vegan kids

Not only have these meals been developed to be absolutely packed with so much iron, zinc, calcium and protein that you won’t ever have to worry about whether your kids are getting enough nutrients again, but they’re recipes and foods your kids will actually eat! Yep, all the recipes inside, from Chocolate Chip Cookies to Tacos and Ice Cream have been formulated with ingredients that are naturally brimming with iron, zinc, protein and more. 

And you'll know exactly what each recipe contains with the full nutrition breakdowns (including iron, zinc and calcium!).

Making sure your kids are getting a healthy diet is one thing you no longer have to worry about!

We're Using Science to Make A Healthy Vegan Diet Easy for Your Family

Research shows that you and your family are more likely to stick to your vegan diet if:

  • You’re eating food you enjoy (sounds obvious, I know…)
  • You’re eating food that’s familiar (nostalgic comfort food anyone?)
  • It’s easy to make (3 hours of prep and marinating doesn’t work for weeknight dinners!)
  • And you feel like you’re eating foods that are similar to your community (this is a big one for kids at school!).

The Recipe Collection does all of this for you by:

  • Including healthy vegan versions of family favourites like Mac and Cheese, Hot Dogs, Pies, Cakes, Pancakes and more
  • Offering over 600 delicious recipes, with more added every month, so you’ll be sure to find recipes your family loves
  • Enabling you to put in requests for your family’s favourite recipes
  • Giving you delicious quick and easy options for every meal
  • Delicious lunchbox recipes that are the vegan versions of what their friends are eating!

All of Your Recipes Needs Covered!

5 Min No Prep Dinners

For those nights when you have no energy to cook

Friday Night Fun Meals

For those Family Movie Nights, or Board Games!

Nut Free Lunchbox Recipes

Fun and exciting nut free lunchboxes for your kids!

Easy Prep Ahead Lunches

Lunch is covered for work or home

Super Boosted Snacks

Nutritious Snacks Your kids will love!

Delicious Breakfasts

Start your morning the right way with a healthy breakfast!

20 Minute Weeknight Meals

Have dinner on the table fast every night!

Holiday Recipes

Christmas and Holiday Recipes even your non vegan family will love!

Full Nutrition Breakdowns for Each Recipe

Right now it feels like there’s such a huge gap between the nuggets, chips and peanut butter sandwiches that your kids seem to live on, and the fancy, veggie filled bowls you see on Instagram. You feel like there’s no way your kids could be getting all the nutrients they need. 

You’re all on board with a vegan diet, but you do sometimes think back on childhood favourites with some nostalgia… Good old Curried Sausages, Apricot Chicken, or even just Rissoles and Mash. 

You actually see some promising looking recipes online, and you’re feeling hyped about making your old favourites… until you see they need 2 days of prep! You’re cravings for Bangers and Mash will be long gone by then! 

Just because you made the decision to raise a vegan family, it doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to the recipes you loved as a child. Mac and Cheese! Tuna Mornay! Even Hot Dogs! You get to give your kids the gift of your family favourites growing up, but reimagined to suit your vegan lifestyle!

It really is the best of both worlds when you join the Vegan Revolution Recipe Club! 

It Really Is Easy to be a Healthy Vegan Family!

Whether you've been vegan for years, or you're just looking for some recipes to cut your meat and dairy intake, you're whole family is going to love the recipes inside the Vegan Revolution Recipe Club!

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I'm Gen, a certified vegan nutritionist, and mum to 2 boys who are 7 and 11.

I've spent over 8 years developing nutritious recipes for my two very fussy vegan eaters. I definitely know it can be a challenge to get your kids to eat something nutritious when all they want is plain pasta and jam sandwiches.

But I also know that your kids don't have to eat a perfect diet of veggies, beans and wholegrains to get all the nutrients they need from their vegan diet.

So my recipes take the middle ground of being meals your kids will love to eat, while also being packed full of the nutrients they need. Because the nutrients only count in the food they actually eat!