The Vegan Lunchbox Vault

Everything you need for healthy and delicious vegan lunchboxes your kids will love!

If you're a busy mum who wants to make sure your kids are getting healthy, nutritious school lunches, but you're feeling stuck in a serious lunchbox rut, then the Vegan Lunchbox Vault is for you!


Your Kids' School Lunchboxes CAN be Easy!

No more rushed and stressful school mornings - you’ll have healthy and delicious lunchboxes packed in just 5 minutes. You’ll even have time to actually enjoy that morning coffee!

And those frantic late night trips to the supermarket for lunchbox supplies will be far in the past because your kids’ lunchboxes will be planned for the whole school term. 

So will those long walks as you trawl the supermarket shelves for something, anything, that’s nut free and vegan. That eternal quest for a nut free muesli bar will finally be over. 

Your kids will actually look forward to lunchtime, eager to see what exciting and delicious food awaits them in their lunchboxes. And their lunchboxes will finally come home empty!

In fact, you’ll be feeling just a bit smug when your vegan child suddenly has the lunchbox with the cool food. And think of the memes you can share when everyone is asking for your vegan recipes

And the best bit will be that not only do your kids love their lunches, but they’re actually healthy. It really takes a load off your mind when you know your kids are getting all the nutrients they need to thrive at school. 

And you’ll never run out of lunchbox ideas again. Even your fussiest child will find their favourites in the collection of 200 recipes.

When You Sign Up, You Get Lifetime Access to:

2 Full Terms of Planned Lunchboxes

20 Weeks of Lunchbox Plans with Morning Tea, Lunch and an extra recipe for bigger appetites or after school activities.

Fully Customisable Plans and Shopping Lists

Fully customisable plans so you can swap in any of the 200 recipes to suit your kids’ tastes, and full automatic shopping lists

200 Nut Free Vegan Recipes

Recipes that have been formulated by a vegan nutritionist to give your kids all the iron, zinc, protein and vitamins they need to give them the energy they need to learn, grow and play at school.

Full Nutrition Breakdowns

Full nutrition details for every recipe - so you’ll know your kids are getting enough iron, zinc, protein and more.

Plus these Exciting Bonuses to make your lunchboxes even easier!

Lunchbox Prep and Freezer Guides

Full guides on how to prep and freeze your recipes so that you can put lunchboxes together in minutes

Vegan Lunchbox Masterclass

My 3 part video masterclass that teaches you everything you need for healthy lunchboxes - from what foods to pack for maximum nutrition, to how to plan and freeze your food

No Prep Lunchbox Guide

Never be caught out again! This guide gives you the most nutritious supermarket foods to keep on your pantry for those weekends when you were too busy to prep

Your kids are going to LOVE these recipes!

With over 200 lunchbox recipes, there’s something for everyone! Inside, you'll find:

  • Pizza
  • Toasties
  • Quesadillas
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Muffins
  • Muesli Bars
  • Protein Balls
  • Cookies
  • And more!


Are the recipes nut free?

Yes the recipes are all nut free, or give you options to make them nut free.

Are the recipes gluten free?

There are 25 specifically gluten free recipes in the index, and I have included a guide on how to make the remaining recipes gluten free. If you’re after gluten free plans please send me an email to and I’ll be happy to look into it for you.

What if my kids don’t like the recipes in the plans?

The plans are fully customisable, so you can swap out any of the recipes for one of the 200 recipes in the recipe index.

How much prep time will the recipes take on the weekend?

It normally takes about an hour to make the recipes on the weekend, including baking time. 

What sort of recipes do I get each week in the plan?

Each plan provides a lunch recipe, morning tea recipe, lunchbox fruit and veggies, and an extra nut free recipe for bigger appetites or after school activities.

Can I make the recipes for multiple kids?

Yes, you can customise the number of serves for each recipe in the plans.

I'm Gen, a certified vegan nutritionist, and mum to 2 boys.

I've been making nut free school lunches for over 7 years, so I know how hard it can be to keep coming up with fun and exciting ideas for your kids.

I've also done more than my fair share of late night trips to the supermarket for lunchbox foods. I know how hard it can be to find nut free vegan food at the shops!

I've built the Vegan Lunchbox Vault to give you everything you need to give your kids healthy Lunchboxes all in one place. Not only do you get recipes, but I also teach you how to plan and prep ahead so that lunchboxes can be quick and easy.

I hope you enjoy the Vegan Lunchbox Vault!


Your Kids' Lunchboxes will be the envy of the class!

Whether you’re a brand new vegan, or a seasoned pro, the Vegan Lunchbox Vault gives you everything you need for easy, healthy and (most importantly!) delicious Lunchboxes that your kids will love.

Sign up to the Vegan Lunchbox Vault today!

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200 Nut Free Vegan Recipes

Full Nutrition Breakdowns

Prep and Freezer Guides

How to Pack a Healthy Vegan Lunchbox Guide

And more!

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